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Summer Mix Preset Pack

by Alexandra Ezhno

This preset pack includes some of my absolute favourites presets. I made them over the years.

I usually take pictures outdoors, so some of the presets might be need to tweak down or up to your lighting conditions.


Hope you love them as much as I do. And if you do, please leave a five star review after purchase.

If there might be a problem, please contact me and i´ll see if somethings wrong with the preset.

I categorized them into this, but obviously you can use them as you like.

  • Grey Grunge

  • Summer Grunge
  • Portrait Day 1

  • Portrait Day 2

  • Warm Wedding 1

  • Warm Wedding 2

  • Warm Day

  • Wedding Black

  • Wedding High Tone Black

  • Wedding Warm Fade

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