Since 2011 we have made 4 videoclips and done several photoshoots with Alexandra. The videos were all released through YouTube and one of them on the website of VG. Her photos have been used as album covers and press pictures in newspapers all over Norway and even the Netherlands. Alexandra is creative, flexible and very enthusiastic. We hope to work together on many more projects.

   Jeroen Kerstjens- Manager Stephen Ackles

Amsterdam, Netherlands.

In my opinion there is great value in having a photographer you can trust, who allows you to let your guard down. Especially on large scale productions with a lot of variables. Along with her obvious talent, Alexandra’s ability to do just that allows her to capture images and film that reflect authenticity. I recommend her wholeheartedly for any project or moment that you would like beautifully documented. 

  Mads Belden , Oslo Norway

Fokus Entertainment kan anbefale Alexandra på det sterkeste. Hun er full av ideer og svært profesjonell i hvordan hun utfører sitt arbeid. Har jobbet med henne ved flere anledninger og hun er profesjonell ifra idé til sluttresultat. Lydhør for hva vi som kunde ønsker, samtidig som hun selv er full av ideer.

Vi anbefaler Alexandra på det sterkeste:)

Febe Rognstad- Fokus Entertainment.

Stikkord  - Bedriftsfoto, Fotograf Vestfold, Reklamefoto